Mid January… the time year when the world slows down… resolutions start to wane… idealistic thoughts are tugs in the wee hours of the night.  Are you Stuck? Not feeling like engaging? Settling in for the winter? Tucking your toes under a blanket and snuggling down? Or are you the type to push on through? Head down, chin tucked in, mission face on?

Know you are not alone.


In the Northern Hemisphere, mid January is like that morning after too much wine and laughter … enthusiastic but with limits! January….the month of “shoulds”. Or like a colleague of mine says…. “should’ng all over yourself!”

Ahhh… the ‘should’ I get to the gym? ‘Should’ I do a detox weekend? ‘Should’ I de-clutter? ‘Should’ I get those files done? ‘Should’ I reach out?


Or do you have an energetic friend who seems to have a skip to their step… even when its gray outside! Ha. We all have one! Do they bring on guilt … nervous laughter… perhaps thoughts of hidden discourse. Or do you jump on their bandwagon? Do a few things then look as your gas gauge signals your tank is on fumes?


How do you over come this??? Clear away that brain fog? Pull up your own toboggan and wiz down a hill? Skirt away that body hangover from sneaking some left over somewhat dried out holiday cookies… Tackle those reports or files you just don’t want to open???


This is where someone like me comes in… Stage left… A professional coach confidently enters the space.

We are the fog lifters. The doubt shifters. The ones who are here to guide you, even from fog that travels as fast and thick as a scene from the Hunger Games.  But how does a coach do it?


How does coaching work to lift this fog?

Simple…we elucidate together (and yes, its totally ok to look up the word elucidate means).


With a coach by your side: First we decide what is most pressing and causing you to feel stuck? (And here’s a hint… its very rarely what comes first to your mind).

Then we decide what your optimal outcome would be. 

Visualize it. Feel it. Speak it. Give it a name, A strategy; Map out your speed-bumps.. then decide…How will I feel when I get there?

What will it mean to You…. for you to reach your outcome?

The key is emotional waterlines.  What is making you feel stuck? What do you truly want? What is getting in your way?

Then the big question: What are you giving up by being stuck? 

We will create a safe space for exploration. For decision making. For thought generation. For outcomes to be germinated.

Professional coaches… well, we are fog lifters and your guide along the way.